Laminated Panels


GlassFoam is a high density structural foam core panel with .010 glass/epoxy skins bonded to both sides. These panels can be used as fuselage bulkheads, wing ribs, and boat deck beams. The composite panels can easily be cut with a Dremel jig saw.


Glass/Balsa panels consist of machined end-grain balsa core with glass/epoxy skins laminated to both sides. These panels have many applications, such as fuselage bulkheads, formers and high stress wing ribs that normally use conventional birch and poplar plywood.


ACP's carbon/balsa panels consist of two plys of unidirectional carbon fiber skins, layed up 0-90 degrees and bonded to an end grain balsa core. This lay-up offers a panel which is lighter than, but with the same stiffness and strength as Lite-Ply or five ply birch plywood. It is excellent for 1/4 scale or larger aircraft firewalls, fuselage fommers or bulkheads. Cut this material with our Tungsten Carbide Saber Saw (T-01). The exposed balsa edges provide good gluing surfaces inside fiberglass fuselages. The carbon fiber surfaces are compatible with aircraft fuels. Construction Hint:: For engine mount attachments, use 1/8" plywood disks on the back side of the firewall to secure the blind nuts. To prevent crushing of the end grain baisa when bolting the engine mount to the fire wall, use an aluminum tube cut to the same length as the bulkhead to sleeve the bolt inside the bulk- head. Another way to prevent crushing of the core in this application is to drill three holes 1/8" dia. spaced at 120 degrees around the engine mount hole and then insert dowels into these holes. The dowels should be cut to the same thickness as the firewall. Use large washers on the engine bolts so they sit on top of the dowels and prevent crushing of the firewall.


The panel Incorporates carbon skins made up of two plys of unidirectional fibers layed up 0-90 degrees and two pieces of 1/4" end grain balsa bondedtogetherto make upthe core. The finished panel is 1/2" thick. The panel can be used for firewalls on 1/4" scale aircraft and larger Unlimited Racing aircraft.


Nomex honeycomb is an Aramid Fiber (similar to Kevlar®) that offers exceptional weight to stiffness values. When woven fiberglass is bonded to both sides of the Nomex honeycomb core, the resulting panel is very lightweight and stiff and fuelproof too. Panels are available in 1/16", 3/16" and 1/4" thickness. Can be used to replace LitePly for fusealge formers and bulkheads.


Panels incorporate two plys of undirectional carbon fiber, layed up in 0-90 orientation, over a Nomex core, resulting in a very stiff and lightweight panel. Available in .060", 3/8" and 1/2" thickness. The .060" thick panel can be used for servo and radio trays. The 3/8" and 1/2" are ideal for lightweight ribs, formers and bulkheads.

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