EZ-LAM Laminating Epoxy

EZ-LAM is the first epoxy laminating resin that is specially formulated for model use. The two part, 2:1 mix resin and hardener is blended for use with lightweight fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar® cloth. Its low viscosity allows it to flow easily into the weave of the cloth. EZ-LAM cures to a hard, high strength gloss finish and sands easily. It is ideal for use with .58 Oz. fiberglass cloth over balsa sheeted foam wings and for use with 2 Oz. glass cloth over bare molded styrofoam models. EZ-LAM may be thinned with 91% isopropyl alcohol for applications where lower viscosity is desired. EZ-LAM can be used undiluted for lamination of vacuum bagged wing skins and to lay up fiberglass/ Kevlar® fuselages. Since pot life and cure times are based on ambient temperature of 75 degrees F, please refer to chart below to determine which EZ-LAM fommula that is best suited to your required working time and shop temperature.


  Ambient Temp (F)  EZ-LAM 30   EZ-LAM 60
        95             8          20
        85             15         40
        75             30         60
        65             50         90

EZ-LAM 30 (E30)

EZ-LAM 30 has a pot life of 30 minutes at 75 degrees F and is tack free in four hours at that temperature. We recommend that EZ-LAM 30 be used in cold weather ,where the room or part cannot be heated to 75 degrees F, so that the resin will cure within 24 hours.

EZ-LAM 60 (E60)

EZ-LAM 60 has a pot life of 60 minutes at 75 degrees F and is tack free in nine hours at that temperature. EZ-LAM 60 will provide double the pot life of EZ-LAM 30 in warm conditions (85-95 degrees). It is recommended where extended lay up time is required. It should not be used when the ambient temperature is below 65 degrees F, unless the part can be heated to 75 degrees F to activate the cure cycle.


A high temperature epoxy laminating resin. Used to manufacture braided carbon tuned exhaust pipes or used wherever high temperature resistance is required. Call for details.


Will fit the EZ-LAM pint, quart and gallon cans and allows a convienent method of dispensing the epoxy resin. The pumps are preset to deliver the correct mix ratio for the EZ-LAM epoxy resin.


Epoxy-based pastes for tinting epoxy and providing color to the final finish. One teaspoon of pigment per eight Oz. of epoxy. Cover pigmented surface with enamel or polyurethene to provide ultraviolet protection. Available in black, grey, red, white, yellow and blue . Additional colors available soon.

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